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Episode 50 (4/1/2017)Listen To The Podcast!

Thanks for celebrating our 50th episode with us!

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Episode 50 (4/1/2017)

Thanks for celebrating our 50th episode with us!

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Episode 44 (8/13/2016)

"A Code of Conduct?" Nathan and Eric are on a content generating rampage! Hold on to your hats, as they are joined by Siobhan Nolen to talk about the somewhat serious subjects of ethics and harassment in the Diplomacy tournament scene and what we all might do to improve our hobby. Then everybody has some fun by busting open the mailbag to read some long overdue emails.

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Episode 43 (8/2/2016)

"WDC, Get Top Board Interviews" Eric shares a moment of sadness regarding his brush with World Champion greatness, then your hosts get down to the important business of discussing Italy before Eric shares in the glory of your new champ, Chris Brand!

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Episode 42 (6/3/2016)

"WDC Get Hyped" In which Eric and Nathan get so hyped that they decide to buy tickets and simply go to the tournament, thanks to the masterful salesmanship of their esteemed guest and fearless hobby leader and World Diplomacy Convention host: Jim O'Kelley. Also, before all that, Nathan and Eric talk on the issue of "skipping dots", which you are sure to find enriching.

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Episode 41 (4/1/2016)

"Variants" Nathan and Eric thank you for your patience because you have waited so long to hear us discuss variants of the great game of Diplomacy. So now they have decided to spend an episode talking about no other topic! Enjoy.

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