About The Fine Folks Behind DiplomacyCast.com

Eric Mead

Eric played Diplomacy for the first time when he was about 13 years old, and spent the next 10 or 15 years trying to browbeat and shame his friends into playing it with him. When he had finally exhausted all options, he gave up and joined the world of tournament Diplomacy. He has been playing competitively for about 8 years now, and was best known for finishing in 2nd place at almost everything he really wanted to win, until 2010, when he finally won something worth winning. 

Eric has lived on both coasts, and likes to think of himself as half "East Coast cutthroat" and half "West Coast care bear" for that reason, but nobody else believes him, and everybody is pretty sure he is going to stab them. He has now returned to his roots, and lives in Seattle, WA, in a noisy apartment, as you may have noticed.

Nathan Barnes

Nathan wants you to know that he has played tournaments for 10 years, which is 2 years longer than Eric. It is important to Nathan that he's a little bit ahead of Eric at everything they do. He is certainly miles ahead of Eric in the "actually working hard to make Diplomacy happen" department, as (in addition to playing the game competitively) he has organized some of the most successful and well attended tournaments in North America over the past few years, including the World Diplomacy Championships in Vancouver, BC in 2007. 

Nathan lives in Seattle as well, and wants you to know that he is a pure, dyed-in-the-wool West Coast Care Bear who would never ever lie to you.

David Gregory

David has never played a Diplomacy game in his life, but has already contributed more to this podcast than either Eric or Nathan. He keeps the whole thing together with his audio engineering, producing, and editing magic. He will do the same for you! Learn more about him at http://davidagregory.com.

Peter Backman

Peter also doesn't play Diplomacy, despite Eric's longtime insistence that he'd be a natural.  But he is a terrific web designer, as you can see if you take a look around. You can find him online at http://peterbackman.com.